Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what's in a miracle?

I've pictured myself writing this post for almost two years. I pictured starting it with something about how the ceiling at my doctor's office has, like, 17.888888 (give or take) little squares on it. Or big ones. The kinds you see in elementary schools...or, um, doctors' offices? I would sit there waiting for the doctor, every three of four days or so (bless you, medical insurance), and I would count the squares. Because what else could you do? I didn't want to think about maybe not being able to have a baby (that's why I was there - have I mentioned that yet?) because how on earth could that be possible when my sisters have, oh, about a million cuties floating around out there and my mama never ever had any troubles in the baby department and I have the best husband in the world who is supposed to be a dad I just know it. So, I counted ceiling panels.

And I prayed. Prayed for whatever the plan was...that I'd feel comfortable with it. That I would be given the blessed peace that surpasses all understanding. And sometimes cried. But mostly just waited. And waited. And in the waiting really did get that peace. Truly. Because where else do we really get that peace, but in the waiting? And it left me, the Type A-not-so-great-at-waiting-er, learning how to sit and really
rest in the waiting. Not making lists, forgetting to even do the things the books told me to do (I did, however, purchase that fancy thermometer...just kept forgetting to actually take the temperature), forgetting to even really read through the books. In the wait, I found a new kind of trust and dependence on God. One I guess I thought I'd had, but was really given with this awesome time of waiting. A hope not in an end result, but that whatever the result was, it would be perfect and wonderful and just right. Such a gift. A miracle. The first we'd see.

The second came at the gym on September 16th, when I somehow forgot to bring my water bottle and was forced to the water fountain. A water fountain filled with water that tasted like nickles and pennies. Not the usual way of the water fountain, you know? It was odd and led me to a test which led me to the sweet sight of a plus sign (I never did enjoy math, but that plus sign was the prettiest thing I'd seen until my ultrasound a few days later) which led me to a tear-filled announcement with my Cute Husband (and some jumping around) which led me to a blood test and led me to a sweet, sweet confirmation. Which led me, ultimately, to three months on my knees in prayer. Full and complete dependence. "Please save this baby...please let this be real...please let the baby be safe...please help me calm! down! and relax and stop! worrying!..." Prayers that were, miraculously, answered.

And the third miracle comes now, with the passing of my first trimester and the continuation of many, many answered prayers. I'm so thankful I have a God that stood by me and held my hand during this wait, I'm thankful for the answered prayers, and I'm thankful for this journey in its entirety. From two years ago to now. I'm thankful for every moment and I can't wait to see more miracles I hear, this is just the beginning.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I finally broke down a purchased a subscription to this awesome, amazing, super cool magazine. What took me so long? Not sure, but I do know that stores like O'Suz and Anthro were probably getting tired of me hovering around their fresh Anthology batches and reading them cover-to-cover in the stores. I was just short of bringing in a cup of tea, a blanket, and starting to dog ear the pages.

Friday, November 25, 2011

shop for a happy cause

Well, hey there, sweet bloggies. Me here to announce a little sale and benefit to honor this lovely season of thanks and giving at laurel denise. Use code "HAPPY" until 11:59pm on Monday, November 28th to get free shipping. I'm so thankful to be able to support a sweet, local Charlottesville family this holiday season as they plan to adopt not one, but two (!!), sweet babies from Uganda. A portion of every single order will head their way to help them in this amazing journey. To learn more about the family, head here, and to check out laurel denise goodies head here.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

planner blog tour: design for mankind

Do you fine folks read this blog? Because you should. You super duper should. Erin just seems like one of the most charming people out there in the world and her blog fills me with laughs and happiness. Plus she said super sweet things about the little Planner and, well, that makes me want to squeeze her with hugs. Thanks for participating in the tour, Erin!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

planner blog tour: designing an mba

Do you fine folks know about the blog Designing an MBA? It's fantastic. No, seriously. One of those ones I read and every single time think "why on earth weren't you around when I was planning my business?" Filled to the brim with useful, awesome, really great business advice by someone who knows what's up. Megan has been kind enough to participate in the Planner blog tour today and is featuring the one and only giveaway for this tour! Stop by her blog, leave a comment with your most useful organizing tip and be entered to win a Laurel Denise Planner! Yippee!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

planner blog tour: not your average ordinary

I'm doing a blog tour of the Planner. Did I forget to mention that to you fine folks in all of my non-posting glory? I think the answer is yes. Super sorry about that. But, well, you know, welcome to the blog tour! Today the awesome Brandi at Not Your Average Ordinary has written about the 2012 Planner and has a cool party planner PDF that will help you get organized and ready for all of the fancy holiday parties you have coming up! Hop on over and check it on out.