Friday, March 30, 2012

recent finds: 033012

No. 1: Cute Husband has the green thumb around here, I'm just the one charge of putting outfits on his plants. I think this little container would be really happy in our house outfitting a new plant for the mister, yes?

No. 2: I just like these. Because, you know, all I need in my life is another cute tote bag.

No. 3: You store butter in this. And then you squeal with happiness every time you make toast.

No. 4: We lived in NYC (well, sorta...Hoboken counts, right?) for a few years and so I feel like this print makes sense in our home even though we live in Virginia now. Right? (Saw it on Oh So Beautiful Paper first!)

No. 5: I just need for these to get on my feet.

No. 6: These also are pretty happy, huh?

And now for some fun links that I found on the internets and through bloggers way better than me this week...
...Holy moly, these vintage ads had my jaw on the floor! Unbelievable. (via Cup of Joe)

Friday, March 23, 2012

recent finds: 032312

No. 1: Here's the thing...I'm not very good at sharing my snacks. Not very good at all. I'm great, however, at sharing other people's snacks. Especially those found on Cute Husband's plate. I think I should get the poor man one of these plates, don't you? He sort of requires a little bear ninja to protect his food. (Saw it on Oh Joy first!)

No. 2: I've been making a little list called "reasons I neeeeeeed an ipad" for a few months now. I just might have convinced myself that it is true, I do indeed "need" one. And, if I do wind up getting one, I think this case is just about the happiest and most awesome one out there, yes?

No. 3: Can't get enough of this stuff this week (slash ever?). I have a "thing" with cereal. It's normally not allowed in our house (ever...seriously), but at seven months pregnant I've decided that this mama here deserves a little cereal in her life.

No. 4: Oh hey, adorable little sweet baby girl's dress. So nice to see you!

No. 5: Have you gals ever used this stuff? It's filled with an awesome super power that makes your eyelashes big and full and long and happy for a long, long time. For serious.

No. 6: I pretty much rock a pair of gold sandals every single day in the summer. I don't know...they are easy, not too blingy, but don't just look like I have rubber flops on (which are called for and awesome, too). Wearing a white tee and jeans with gold flops makes a gal feel fancier or something. Anyway, my pair from last year have seen better days (no, seriously, every single day I wear them), so I'm in search for a new pair. Not sure this snakeskin version fills the "not too blingy" requirement, but they are close...ish. Maybe.

A good read about falling in love with your kids.
A sweet letter about love. (great find, Marcy!)
Spent some time on a quiet morning reading through the newest issue of Sweet Paul. So good. Just so good.

Friday, March 9, 2012

favorite finds: no. 030912

No. 1: This print is quirky and funny and awesome. In other words, it's perfect.

No. 2: Yes, yes Enormous Champion, everything is alright forever. And I appreciate your beautiful print reminding me daily that it is so.

No. 3: You, Anne Sportun, make absolutely beautiful jewelry. I know this because their booth is across from mine (kinda sorta) at the New York Gift Show and I also know this because, well, just check out the's all fantastic and shiny and perfect.

No. 4: Such a lovely drink dispenser.

No. 5: Is it bad to be obsessed with a wall? Because, well, this wallpaper is happening in our new bedroom and it has me all kinds of filled with happiness and excitement and I have to remind myself from time-to-time that it's just a's just a wall. But a happy, peaceful, and beautiful wall! In a happy, peaceful, and beautiful home that I am so thankful for! (Did I mention we're moving? Into our first house ever? In a week? And that we're really excited?)

This isn't a link or an item, but I really liked this post by Fairytales Are True. I think maybe you fine readers will like it, too.

Friday, March 2, 2012

recent finds: 030212

No. 1: Pretty pillow from Oilo.

No. 2: These little go everywhere bags are the just the best. Seriously, I love mine. I bought one for my best friend and one for me and I will definitely be buying more. The colors are so happy and they are just so darn functional, I can't believe it. (I bought mine locally at O'Suzannah - they have bunches of happy colors all over the shop.)

No. 3: You're adorable, you happy little iphone case. Adorable.

No. 4: Happy stripes for your feet! Your feet! Goodness gracious, how I love you, you happy little striped flats. You make me feel like dancing while I unload the dishwasher. Which, really, is the true test of a good pair of shoes, don't you think?

No. 5: These jars keep all of my fresh cut veggies and leftovers contained in my refrigerator. I like them very much...much more than spelling "refrigerator". Does anyone get that right on the first try without spell check? If you do, gold star to you, my friend! Super big gold star.

No. 6: I just...I can't...I mean...oh my goodness gracious almighty. Have you ever seen anything cuter than these? Ever?? Because, for the record, I think I have not.