Thursday, July 28, 2011

enk accessories circuit booth 7413

Welp, I'm packing my bags again today for a trip to NYC where I'll be sharing fresh new goodies (like the bracelet featured above) with store buyers! You can find me and my jewels in booth 7413 at the ENK Accessories Circuit. Hoping to post a few pictures of my booth, too. I'll give you a hint...vintage dress patterns. Let's hope this works out in real life as nicely as it seems to be working out in my mind. You just never can tell which way it will go with booth design. All part of the excitement, friends...right? Sure.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

delicious snacks: now & zen

Y'all. Go to this place (now & zen sushi: 202 2nd Street nw / Charlottesville). It's goodness wrapped up in sushi form, which is maybe the best kind of goodness out there, yes?

Also, hi! Had a wonderful little beach break, thankyaverymuch.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

catch ya later

Hey Y'all. Quick hola and check in before heading to the beaches of the Outer Banks for a week with family. Sorry I've been out of touch. Been busy making samples for my upcoming trade shows and burning glass bottles in the kiln and such. Happy times to you all - I'll catch ya when I return from heaven beach-land! Smooches!

Friday, July 8, 2011

what to wear no. 070811

You guys will never ever guess where we are headed this weekend. A wedding! This is a huge surprise, no? But, hey, a gal can't complain about seeing two great people say "I do" and getting to enjoy a wonderful dinner and dancing to fun tunes and enjoying a cake slice or two...or, in the case of Best Wedding Cake Ever - Ms. Kelly Femenella, that one is for you - a cake slice or five or something...don't judge. Anyway, I wish I were wearing something happy and colorful and fun like the outfit above, but really I'm just going to wear a J.Crew navy blue number with some brown pumps. Ran out of time for fancy dress shopping. Also, the shoes? Can't tell if they would be really cute and fun to wear or if they would just make me feel like I had lumps of concrete on my feet? Thoughts?

ps: oops, I forgot to blog this week. Sincere apologies from camp Lolly.

pps: this sweet gal wrote me an email about Pop Up Yoga that's a'happening around C'ville in the next week or so. Check it out!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

delicious snacks: bang!

Friends! Cute Husband and I went to Bang! on Friday night for a little date night and, seriously I am not lying, you must get your tails on over there. It was delightful and not just because those martinis (The Joe for me...Ginger something or another for the Cute Husband) were maybe the best sips of anything I've ever had, but the food was perfection as well. And the wait staff! And the atmosphere! Plus they have specials on Wednesday nights, so you extra have to go. Extra.

Friday, July 1, 2011

what to wear no. 070111

I just love the Fourth of July, don't you? The laid-backness of the whole holiday weekend brings a smile to my face. I intend to delight in C'ville and spend lots of time eating watermelon (and, let's be honest, I'll be spending a lot of time at this place too since I finally discovered it last weekend and have literally asked to go every single night this week) and hanging out with friends and Cute Husband and maybe catching a firework or two. These kinds of big, elaborate plans for this long weekend just make me grin with excitement. Hope you fine folks find yourself with the same silly grins this lovely Friday morning.

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