Friday, April 27, 2012

recent finds no 042612

No. 1: I know, I know, I thought ice cream couldn't get to be more fun. But these teaspoons sort of insist on more fun...and more ice cream. Two very good things.

No. 2: Fine...fine! You're the cutest stripey bag there ever was to be.

No. 3: This i-phone case seems like one big smile to me. (caught on Paper + Cup Blog first)

No. 4: You guys. You guys. This stuff? This stuff is pure heaven on The Belly. I ran out a week or so ago and practically wept when I finally found it again in a Kroger grocery store, of all places. Don't mind me, just the really short 8 month pregnant gal in the organic skincare section of the grocery store with tears of happiness running down her face. No big deal.

...I made these watermelon cube things this week and they were good with a capital G. Only I did basil instead of mint because I was stuck in a grocery store without a fast 3G connection and couldn't remember the green thing that was paired with the feta and watermelon deliciousness and thought " bad could it be??"

Friday, April 20, 2012

glass jewelry sale in laurel denise land

Oh, hey, what's that? A huge glass jewelry sale on Sweetness, friends! As if Fridays needed to get any cooler, right? Pricing is 40-50% off of regular prices. For real. Quantities are limited to what we actually have in stock, so hop on over quickly and scoop up your favorites. Sale ends May 1st, or when pieces sell out.

Direct link to glass jewelry sale section.

Friday, April 13, 2012

recent finds: 041312

No. 1: Have you guys heard about this food philosophy about eating for your blood type? My friend Brett told me about it years ago. I'm not a believer in big, fad diet things (just a believer in making as many healthy choices throughout the day as you can), but I've been considering reading up on the info behind this idea because I had to start taking iron supplements for baby girl recently and, ever since, I have never felt better. I can't really workout anymore, but I think that has more to do with the watermelon on my midsection than it does about general health. Anyway, since taking the iron, I feel clearer and more energetic and just healthier during my daily doings. Makes a gal who's been pretty sleepy her whole life take notice.

No. 2: Have you ever...I mean, seriously, have you ever seen something so cute? Ever ever? (via Marcy)

No. 3: So cool. (via Unruly Things)

No. 4: I live in fear of the mixer that I'm watching over for a friend without enough kitchen space. It's just so big...and heavy...and can it possibly not jump off the shelf when I try to use it and just gobble me right up? I never have purchased a sweet little hand mixer because who needs that when you don't, um, bake? But lately, maybe it's baby or maybe it's just the new house, I've been wanting to, like, prepare things in the kitchen! It's shocking even to me. Since I'm still afraid of the big girl mixer, I think this cute little happy handheld mixer might be a good introduction.

No. 5: I'm needing a diaper bag that isn't too girly so that Cute Husband can carry it around, too. This one from Skip Hop is close...I think. Maybe.

-eye opening images - evolution of cheerleaders (via Cup of Jo)
-cool article on the pressure of living up to it all (via lucy)
-how to soften brown sugar (this article was helpful as I took a kitchen knife to the brick that was formally known as my brown sugar this week)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

marcy may photography: baby bump shots

Sweet and oh so talented Marcy took some baby bump photos of Cute Husband and me last week. I know, I know...the belly is quite...shocking...and, well, I'm not sure how I'm standing up either, but I just love that bump and the wiggly gal inside so much, standing upright isn't as much of a priority as it once was.

If you have any photograph needs coming up (family, babies, product shots, or just wanting to capture any old happy-filled moment in life), I seriously can't recommend Marcy enough. Her rates are so reasonable, she's fast as lightening in getting your photos to you, and, well, she's just plain awesome and talented. So, contact her! A family photo session would make a great mama's day gift...just saying.

Friday, April 6, 2012

recent finds: 040612

No. 1: Oh, hey, adorable little girl shirt. I like you so very much.

No. 2: And I can't possibly leave you out, adorable shirt dress.

No. 3: Such a perfect bag.

No. 4: I think that I would love to smell of lovely sea breeze beach fragrance while getting smooth and shiny skin this summer, don't you agree? (via Cup of Jo)

No. 5: Isn't this tea kettle just the most beautiful shade of blue? I love it so.

No. 6: Ever been caught outside in a storm and had your umbrella flip all inside out, revealing your hair in a wet tangled mess, causing your bags to fly about when all you can do is silently pray that your ill-advised choice of a sundress doesn't flip up, too? No? Just me? Makes me hope this Blunt umbrella technology really works. That would be sort of fabulous.

No. 7: You guys didn't think I could post without posting about a shoe today, did you? Not. Possible.

Other exciting things found on the internets this week:
-This is a super awesome make your own flowers tutorial from Creature Comforts. Super awesome.
-Cute how-to glittered wire name signs on Oh Happy Day

ps: I guess I decided to blog about things that are pink and blue today, huh?

pps: This is where I'll be on Sunday. I think you should be there, too. Happy Easter, friends!