Friday, April 6, 2012

recent finds: 040612

No. 1: Oh, hey, adorable little girl shirt. I like you so very much.

No. 2: And I can't possibly leave you out, adorable shirt dress.

No. 3: Such a perfect bag.

No. 4: I think that I would love to smell of lovely sea breeze beach fragrance while getting smooth and shiny skin this summer, don't you agree? (via Cup of Jo)

No. 5: Isn't this tea kettle just the most beautiful shade of blue? I love it so.

No. 6: Ever been caught outside in a storm and had your umbrella flip all inside out, revealing your hair in a wet tangled mess, causing your bags to fly about when all you can do is silently pray that your ill-advised choice of a sundress doesn't flip up, too? No? Just me? Makes me hope this Blunt umbrella technology really works. That would be sort of fabulous.

No. 7: You guys didn't think I could post without posting about a shoe today, did you? Not. Possible.

Other exciting things found on the internets this week:
-This is a super awesome make your own flowers tutorial from Creature Comforts. Super awesome.
-Cute how-to glittered wire name signs on Oh Happy Day

ps: I guess I decided to blog about things that are pink and blue today, huh?

pps: This is where I'll be on Sunday. I think you should be there, too. Happy Easter, friends!

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