Friday, March 30, 2012

recent finds: 033012

No. 1: Cute Husband has the green thumb around here, I'm just the one charge of putting outfits on his plants. I think this little container would be really happy in our house outfitting a new plant for the mister, yes?

No. 2: I just like these. Because, you know, all I need in my life is another cute tote bag.

No. 3: You store butter in this. And then you squeal with happiness every time you make toast.

No. 4: We lived in NYC (well, sorta...Hoboken counts, right?) for a few years and so I feel like this print makes sense in our home even though we live in Virginia now. Right? (Saw it on Oh So Beautiful Paper first!)

No. 5: I just need for these to get on my feet.

No. 6: These also are pretty happy, huh?

And now for some fun links that I found on the internets and through bloggers way better than me this week...
...Holy moly, these vintage ads had my jaw on the floor! Unbelievable. (via Cup of Joe)

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