Friday, March 23, 2012

recent finds: 032312

No. 1: Here's the thing...I'm not very good at sharing my snacks. Not very good at all. I'm great, however, at sharing other people's snacks. Especially those found on Cute Husband's plate. I think I should get the poor man one of these plates, don't you? He sort of requires a little bear ninja to protect his food. (Saw it on Oh Joy first!)

No. 2: I've been making a little list called "reasons I neeeeeeed an ipad" for a few months now. I just might have convinced myself that it is true, I do indeed "need" one. And, if I do wind up getting one, I think this case is just about the happiest and most awesome one out there, yes?

No. 3: Can't get enough of this stuff this week (slash ever?). I have a "thing" with cereal. It's normally not allowed in our house (ever...seriously), but at seven months pregnant I've decided that this mama here deserves a little cereal in her life.

No. 4: Oh hey, adorable little sweet baby girl's dress. So nice to see you!

No. 5: Have you gals ever used this stuff? It's filled with an awesome super power that makes your eyelashes big and full and long and happy for a long, long time. For serious.

No. 6: I pretty much rock a pair of gold sandals every single day in the summer. I don't know...they are easy, not too blingy, but don't just look like I have rubber flops on (which are called for and awesome, too). Wearing a white tee and jeans with gold flops makes a gal feel fancier or something. Anyway, my pair from last year have seen better days (no, seriously, every single day I wear them), so I'm in search for a new pair. Not sure this snakeskin version fills the "not too blingy" requirement, but they are close...ish. Maybe.

A good read about falling in love with your kids.
A sweet letter about love. (great find, Marcy!)
Spent some time on a quiet morning reading through the newest issue of Sweet Paul. So good. Just so good.


  1. Lolly, I bought those sandals at Scarpa last summer to wear to an outdoor wedding (I hate when my heels sink into the grass!). They've become a favorite. They seem to go with almost everything and they're comfortable (I have really high comfort requirements for even flats). Definitely worth trying on!

  2. SO good to know! Thanks, Natalie!! They sure are cute.