Monday, October 31, 2011

special free download on oh so beautiful paper

Two posts in one day. I must be losing my mind, right? Ya don't hear from me for weeks and then I bomb you with two. I might not be a dependable blogger, but I'm sweet and kind and nice and so I think that makes up for it, yes? Good. So, worthy of news number two today is that Oh So Beautiful Paper (one of my favorite blogs, oh, ever) is featuring the Laurel Denise Planner today and she has an extra special large format to-do list that I designed just for her blog that you can download today for free! For free, folks.

i love to read: heaven is for real

Y'all. So sweet. This book is so sweet and awesome. And literally took me, like, three hours to read. I'm betting it will take you the same amount of time, so you should just run on out, grab it up and read it. Plus, it's happy yellow cover with that adorable little smiling boy is just the best, don't you think?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

big time yard sale

Hey c'ville peeps, there is going to be a huge yard sale on Saturday morning (25 family yard sale) with tons and tons of cool stuff at 201 Monticello Avenue. Stop by the farmer's market, grab some coffee and a donut and then come dig through the goodness! Here's the full listing with details. You're welcome.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

laurel denise on paper + cup sketchbook

When I was first starting my business for real (like, more than just putting pictures up on my website and making stuff that I kinda sorta maybe liked and other people might kinda sorta maybe like, too) and launching the planner, I worked for the awesome Minhee of Paper + Cup. She is one of the sweetest of sweets people around and was so very generous in her guidance and business advice. Plus, she's basically one of the most talented people I've ever met. For real. She did the kind of wedding brides would be jealous of today, but she did it before it was cool and there were so many inspirational sources out there. So that makes her double cool, right? So, anyway, when she asked me to participate in her new "on the streets" feature of her revamped blog, I of course started snapping away at my typical day lately and sent over a little tale in pictures and words of my day-to-day life here in laurel denise land. Click on over here to check it out for your fine self.

Friday, October 7, 2011

studio tour no. 100711

This week, my darlings, has been one for the record books. Or something like that. Shipments, shipments, production, production, a quick trip to Philadelphia for some best friend-love time, calendars arrival (did I mention shipments?), email answering, phone answering, and goodness gracious, did I also mention production? Loading the pictures this morning, I noticed that I barely took pictures of any of that this week. For instance, you see no visual of the calendars above, but trust me when I say that those priority mail boxes piled way over my kitchen counter on Tuesday when I got the calendar shipment and tore open the boxes in order to get all of the orders out for the patient people who have been waiting for months (and months). It felt so wonderful to take those boxes to the post office and get them on their way to their happy homes.

Here's a list of some recent store shipments...if you live near any of these locations, please do stop in and purchase the goods in person! These stores keep food in my belly and keep this business running - I'm endlessly thankful for each and every single one of them! (Plus, they happen to be owned and run by some of the coolest, hippest, most awesome buyers out there so you're going to see tons of cool stuff, in my opinion...)

Cathedral: San Diego, CA
The Paper Pantry: Arlington, VA
Dandy Lines: British Columbia, Canada
Bless Your Heart: Blowing Rock, NC
Angelina's: Barrington, IL
Miss Pepper: South Miami, FL
Acacia: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Workshop: Jackson, WY
Green Design: Princeton, NJ
Shake the Tree: Boston, MA
Made by Others: Moss Vale, Australia
Across the Way: Cape May, NJ
Emily Sky: Commack, NY + Plainview, NY
Claypot: Brooklyn, NY
Altiplano: Brattleboro, VT
The Gypsy Wagon: Dallas, TX
Trousseaux: Hinsdale, IL
Hazel: Chicago, IL
Isabel Harvey: Wellesley, MA
Amaryllis: Baltimore, MD
Suite 116: DePere, WI
Take me Home: Palos Park, IL
Zinnia Stores: Burlington, VT
New Stone Age: Los Angeles, CA
Anthropologie: online / New York, NY / Philadelphia, PA
Wake Robin: Briarcliff Manor, NY
Extraordinaire: Austin, TX
Blue Windows: Long Beach, CA
Green Pineapple: Key West, FL
Blend Mexico: Mexico
Room 6: Vancouver, BC
NewTwist: Eugene, OR
Pepperberries: Culpeper, VA
Green Roots Collection: Hudson, OH
Vixen Day Spa & Boutique: Seattle, WA
Leighelena: Austin, TX
Jody G: Virginia Beach, VA
Connie's Bakery & General Store: Mt. Kisco, NY
Taken for Granite: Stony Creek, CT
Burnt Sugar: Seattle, WA
Emerald Forest: Studio City, CA
Whimsies Incognito: Tarrytown, NY
Bits of Art: Lakeland, FL
Virtu: Chicago, IL
Expressions at Clarian Health Center: Carmel, IN
The Farmhouse Store: Westfield, NJ
Urbanic: Venice, CA (*2012 planners)
PH Design Shop: Houston, TX (*2012 planners)
Fifteen Eleven: Alexandria, VA
(*2012 planners)
McNally Jackson: New York, NY
(*2012 planners)
Village Invites: New York, NY
(*2012 planners)
Trohv: Baltimore, MD + Washington, DC
(*2012 planners)
Paper Delights: Seattle, WA
(*2012 planners)
Paperjoy: Phoenix, AZ (*2012 planners)
PS Paperie: Newport News, VA (*2012 planners)
Greer: Chicago, IL
(*2012 planners)
Paper Caper: Burlingam, CA
(*2012 planners)
Rock Paper Scissors: Charlottesville, VA
(*2012 planners)
Cordially Invited: Los Angeles, CA
(*2012 planners)
The King's Scribe: Chappaqua, NY
(*2012 planners)
Paperdolls: Saratoga Springs, NY
(*2012 planners)
Sugar Paper: Los Angeles, CA
(*2012 planners)

Monday, October 3, 2011

terrain goodness

Went to Terrain this weekend and, friends, it's everything and all of it and more than you might think it's going to be. I left there feeling like I'd just left a spa. No, seriously. It's a magical, happy place filled with neutral colors, glass containers and absolutely delicious snacks. Could there be a place more perfectly built for me here on this earth?