Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2013 planner pre-order sale has begun!


Well, kids, the planners are coming back for 2013. It's been an exciting time over in Laurel Denise land proofing monthly and weekly view files and designing new covers all while changing diapers and cooing and smiling at perhaps the happiest baby girl God ever did create. Yes, yes...an entire post (many of them, I'm sure) dedicated to that smiling face is coming soon, I promise. It's just that there is way too much to say and way too many pictures to go through to post that right now. This post? This post here is to announce that the pre-order sale of the 2013 Laurel Denise Planner has officially begun! Grab them here for $30.00 until September 1st. After that day, they will go back to $35.00. Smooches to you, my happy planning and list-making friends!

(If you'd rather purchase on Etsy, you can follow this link and be taken directly to the Laurel Denise Etsy Shop.)