Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ny gift booth: january 2012

Here are a few quick shots of my NY Gift show booth! I wanted something a little cleaner this time, so we covered the walls with contact paper (a last-minute Home Depot find - let me tell you, the NYC 23rd Street Home Depot at 8am on a Thursday is a place to discover many, many treasures!) instead of something busy and patterned like I've done in the past. The chandelier hanging thing in the middle was inspired by all of the lovely wedding ceiling-to-table decor I find on Pinterest. I figure my booth is a way to get out some of that fun creativity now that wedding planning is happily behind me and these little crafts are also fun things to do with my hands while I spend many an hour cheering on the Caps playing hockey. Anyway, super happy with the booth this time. It's fun and creative and me, but doesn't totally overtake the product which is good. Next time, I'll hang some awesome shots by Ms. Marcy May on the booth walls and probably get a decal with my name and location for the back wall. Other than that, you'll probably see much of the same thing in August (*until a week before when I get the crazy idea to change the entire look again, which is sort of the way I roll with booth decor...)

Monday, January 16, 2012

we're having a little lady

Welp, there's a baby in there, folks. That. Is. For. Sure. A very swiftly growing little LADY! We found out officially today and we are just delighted! A healthy, wiggling, squirmy and cute (even in the weird 3D imaging thing they do) little lady. Blessed. Thankful. Filled with happiness and complete awe.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

i love to read: falling together

Oh goodness gracious, does it get better than Marisa De Los Santos? I think no. I think most definitely, certainly, without a doubt no. Her newest book, Falling Together, does not disappoint. How this woman manages to write so beautifully and truthfully about normal lives is just amazing. I highly recommend this delicious read. This book got a hug and a kiss from me upon finishing. True story. Also, sorry, Cute Husband.