Monday, October 29, 2012

internet delights no. 102912

1. So... this exists. You're welcome.

2. Somehow these jumped into my cart at Old Navy. In two sizes. Weird.

3. Found these at Rock, Paper, Scissors in Charlottesville the other day and maybe squealed out loud and probably spent about ten minutes (with Sarah June in tow) deciding which happy design and color I should go with. It was time well spent. 

4. Would I wear this dress? I want so much to say yes, but I'm just not sure that I really would. Because, you know, it's a color and all.

5. Well, hey there, happy zig zag rug with your pop of yellow color on the edges, very nice to see you sitting there in the sale section.

6. More tiny gold shoes. I have a serious problem, you guys. 

ps: These are amazing (from Cup of Jo first) //

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

internet delights no 102312


And, we're back. Thank goodness almighty. There is no segue for this transition from post partum depression to talking again about pretty little internet delights after, oh, four months of silence is there? Here's the truth, folks: a gal can be sad and then, thank God, not sad anymore...and through it all? She can still love pretty little delights. So let's return to taking about those pretty little delights today. Hopefully they bring smiles to your pretty little faces.

1. I found some fantastic new flats that are sorta pointy, but not too I-work-in-a-corporate-office kind of way, and sorta more my age than some of the shoes I tend to wear (either bright pink tennis shoes or slippers most days. Truth.) Anyway. Aren't these fun? They come in all sorts of colors. I went with the grey. Duh.

2. If you give a gal some fantastic new flats, chances are she's going to ask for some new slippers as well.

3. Gah. I died. Did you die? I just want to squeeze this little elephant and go a little Lenny on his widdle wrinkles. (found on this tumblr)

4. I want this to be a bedspread. Or a towel. Or a rug. But I'll also take it as a pretty fabulous tea towel as well.

5. Little Miss Sarah June likes to make out with and chew on the princess version of this blabla doll all day long.

6. Oh hey there, 2013 Planner. You're here and shipping out every single day and I love you oh so much.