Monday, October 29, 2012

internet delights no. 102912

1. So... this exists. You're welcome.

2. Somehow these jumped into my cart at Old Navy. In two sizes. Weird.

3. Found these at Rock, Paper, Scissors in Charlottesville the other day and maybe squealed out loud and probably spent about ten minutes (with Sarah June in tow) deciding which happy design and color I should go with. It was time well spent. 

4. Would I wear this dress? I want so much to say yes, but I'm just not sure that I really would. Because, you know, it's a color and all.

5. Well, hey there, happy zig zag rug with your pop of yellow color on the edges, very nice to see you sitting there in the sale section.

6. More tiny gold shoes. I have a serious problem, you guys. 

ps: These are amazing (from Cup of Jo first) //

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