Friday, April 27, 2012

recent finds no 042612

No. 1: I know, I know, I thought ice cream couldn't get to be more fun. But these teaspoons sort of insist on more fun...and more ice cream. Two very good things.

No. 2: Fine...fine! You're the cutest stripey bag there ever was to be.

No. 3: This i-phone case seems like one big smile to me. (caught on Paper + Cup Blog first)

No. 4: You guys. You guys. This stuff? This stuff is pure heaven on The Belly. I ran out a week or so ago and practically wept when I finally found it again in a Kroger grocery store, of all places. Don't mind me, just the really short 8 month pregnant gal in the organic skincare section of the grocery store with tears of happiness running down her face. No big deal.

...I made these watermelon cube things this week and they were good with a capital G. Only I did basil instead of mint because I was stuck in a grocery store without a fast 3G connection and couldn't remember the green thing that was paired with the feta and watermelon deliciousness and thought " bad could it be??"

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