Thursday, March 4, 2010


I told Cute Husband a few weeks ago that I thought it would be cool to get some letterpress type and display it as art in the house. You know, more Anthro-esque installation work. Yes, very afraid of the "real" artwork that's out there (but I do promise to get over that fear sometime this...year...I think). I have some small letterpress around the place right now - an "m7:25" for Matthew 7:25 (hearts) and then an "86" for Cute Husband and I (he's 8, I'm in our birthdays, not actual ages although it might depend on the day and the mood to be sure of that distinction). But I'm thinking a bigger feature would be an easy and great way to add a little something to an empty area. The set above is from Three Potato Four at a whooping $350, so I might have to save this "easy and great" idea for when we can make it to some of our favorite antique-ing places. Okay, some of my favorite antique-ing places, but he's super sweet to play along.

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  1. hello there lolly! thank you so much for the comment on my blog. we would definitely be friends, you and i. i love letterpresses! they're so vintage and artsy.