Monday, March 15, 2010

spot situation

Oh dear, oh dear do the Cutie and I ever need a new rug in our living room. Our old rug - a shabby cream absolute steal from Lowe's when we first moved in together in Hoboken - met a terrible fate on a Saturday afternoon. It involved a full can of Red Bull (oh so Britney of me), a small and uneven table where the Red Bull was placed, and my lack of the appropriate cleaning products...or cleaning know-how (or cleaning care?). So I wiped it up with a few paper towels and went on watching something that I'm sure was super classy on my DVR. These things can't wait, you know? A few days later, that lazy decision came back to haunt me in the form of a spot. Friends, a year plus and a move later, that spot still lives. It's just covered by my cute crafting bin in the living room. Awful. So, as you can see, we really do require a new not-white rug.

yellows: 1. sellarsbrook yellow | 2. coqo floral rug | 3. yellow fallon rug
blues: 1. tempo area rug | 2. blue fallon rug 3. | pale blue rug


  1. You're in a loft, right? I like the more modern 1 and 2 (yellow) for that sort of space. Of course, the blogsphere hasn't seen your decor and you didn't actually ask for opinions, but here's fussy me offering them. :)

    I'm actually pretty close to ordering my own now that my floors are done. I think I'm going for something natural...maybe seagrass.

  2. I love opinions! I'm thinking the yellow, too. It's so happy. But the grey/blue definitely hides dirt a bit better...and so far we all know for sure I'm messy!

    And, never fear, I just got my new camera this weekend so I will be sharing pictures of the place soon!!

  3. Of course I just found another most perfect rug from Decor8 Blog:

    Absolutely beautiful.

  4., that's totally different and unique. I really like the "in scene" picture on that page. It's a great compliment to the mid-century modern furniture.