Monday, March 1, 2010

welcome to the room

Welcome to the room, friends. Or part of it. From an odd angle. That's me in the kitchen over there. My Cute Husband was standing in what is now my office when he took this quick photo. When I walked into this new loft on the downtown mall, I literally almost couldn't breathe and had to control myself from taking the landlord down and grabbing the lease to sign. He's a family friend, it could get awkward. I love the open space feel of the place - maybe it's because I've been used to the smallness that Hoboken, NJ had to offer us for the past five years. The smallness and the crooked floors...always with the crooked strange. Maybe that's why, but probably it's because I've dreamed of living in a space like this, in this location, for such a long time that sometimes I wake up and want to cry with happiness. Seriously. I love this young house of ours and I love working on it with Jedd every chance we can get. It's still a rental, so we won't do anything major, but we can still create little places of happiness and I'm excited to show those here.