Wednesday, April 7, 2010

behind door number one

house numbers
So we have exactly three doors in our apartment (since I'm not counting the pantry-made-into-hidden-business-storage door). When someone has to use the bathroom in our place, it's door number two. If they'd like to see the mammoth closet, it's door number one. And...uh...if they have to do some laundry (?!), it's door number three. We had some friends over a week or so ago and the gal of this couple friend of ours, who can definitely settle into a quick and easy home decor chat (this might be one of the reasons we're becoming fast friends), pointed out that maybe we should get some cool numbers for our doors so that people can easily locate which one we're talking about. Brilliant, yes? I think so, too, and now I'm on the hunt for some cool numbers or letters to spell out the numbers for our three little doors.

custom house numbers | wood numbers | patina bronze letters | oxidized cast bronze letters

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