Thursday, April 1, 2010

studio tour no. 040110

I tried to april fool Mr. Husband this morning that they were all out of coffee at Java Java, the coffee house across the downtown mall from us. Which, by the way, has an awesome new artist on display for April. Amazing photographs. Anyway, I told him they only had fruit juice and I was super sorry about it. He didn't fall for it. Not sure if it was the silly grin slapped on my face or the fact that I really, really am the world's worst liar (probably the reason for the grin), but it was my first april fool's attempt in years and I'm feeling pretty good about it. What a silly way to ring in such a perfect month, don't you think?

Thoughts on this morning's festivities aside, here are some studio images from this week in Laurel Denise land. I made an attempt at creating a small window hanging, but as you can see in the photo above (third one down), I sort of stopped halfway through. The piece of glass is too small. I'm going to start again when I can get some larger pieces. What do you all think of window hangings? Does anyone really put them in their homes anymore? That first picture, the "nantucket" necklace, was shipped to Vis-a-Vis in Nantucket (um, duh) this week! They got a bunch of custom necklaces made just for their store. Stop by if you're in the area this Spring/Summer, I hear it's a beautiful store!


  1. love seeing snippets of your studio!

  2. thank you so much!! it's nice to take a step back every moment or so and photograph instead of keeping my head bowed in production stuff. nice excuse to take a little break!