Monday, April 5, 2010

weekend no. 040310

Couldn't have asked for a better or more beautiful or more perfectly filled with family Easter weekend! Definitely one that I wish could have lasted forever and ever. An afternoon at the park with one niece, an evening of dinner and drinks in DC with old friends, a day decorating eggs and eating delicious lunch platters with even more nieces and nephews, a night with cousins in Old Town, and a day of relaxed family hanging out equals a fantastic weekend. Fyi, Founding Farmers is the restaurant we went to on Friday night - the food was delicious (seriously, unbelievable - get the salmon) and they had this lemon pepper parmesan popcorn that kind of made my night. Or my weekend. It was brilliant. Also, I played with an iPad. I think this might be a toy I must have.

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  1. love the picture posts you are doing! and the banner with april 2010 is so cute. glad you had such a fun weekend!!