Wednesday, May 19, 2010

print love

Let's see, how many posts can I write about that involve me needing to hang art in the place I live? Not quite as many as my love of cream and gray clothing, I guess, but still. Sorry, friends, but the walls are still empty (minus some cute coat hooks from Anthro) and all of our artwork is still leaning against the dining area floor. Classy. I'm thinking the reason the are all still on the floor is because the artwork we currently have isn't as cool as the artwork above. Like, not even close.

Yee Haw farmers market print (which is so much cooler in person - spotted it at my new friend's place in Richmond last weekend) | Yee Haw wood type print
| Yee Haw sunny side print | farmers market bike print | freya art birdie love print | love is the new black print | think happy, be happy print

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