Thursday, May 27, 2010

shower curtain blues

shower curtains
So it turns out getting a nice, white lace shower curtain might not have been the best move. It happens to be one of the most beautiful things ever, but maybe it would be better placed in a bathroom that no one uses? There are large yellow-ing circles appearing all over. I guess there's not much one can do to avoid moisture in a bathroom, huh? And that moisture shows. And it makes me look dirty. Gross me out. I'm going to attempt the dry-cleaning route, but if that doesn't do the trick, I might need to invest in another shower curtain. And in my extensive search for shower curtains this morning, it turns out that when it comes to bathroom decor, the time for tacky to shine is in full bloom. I think I've seen my share of sea shells, light houses, and SAT word memory games for, um, a lifetime. Seriously, people?! What I'd like to have hanging in my bathroom are curtains that look like these window curtains...but that gets tricky with the whole shower curtain liner situation and what not. Hmmm...thoughts, friends?

1. gray ruffles | 2. floral | 3. yellow curtain | 4. coral leafy curtain

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