Thursday, June 3, 2010

studio tour no. 060310

studio 060310
Unlike last week, I won't accidentally think that today is a Wednesday and not post my studio tour Thursday. When what's funny is that this is the week I should be feeling off with my days since Monday was a holiday and all. Ah well, onto the post:

This week in the laurel denise studio we've had some photo-taking, some image-prepping, some new elements collection pieces-making and just some general business-doing (that explains all of the stacks of paper shown above). I've been spending a lot of time in this here desk chair of mine and not so much time at the production table. But it all balances out eventually. Hard to believe that in less than a month I'll be heading to my first trade show of the season. Getting that nervous, anxious, excited feeling about that...wholesale show topics are starting to creep into my dreams at night. That's when you know it's about to begin!

Oh! And! Those adorable sterling silhouette necklaces you see above? Those will be available exclusively through Le Papier Studio so soon. They might have squealed when I finally finished them. They are that cute.


  1. The leather bracelets are amazing! And so are the silhouettes! I love the stuff on their site. It's really a brilliant partnership!

  2. Thanks! I'm happy to be working the Le Papier, too :) Sweet products, sweet owner of the shop - good deal all around.