Monday, June 21, 2010

weekend no. 061910

weekend 061910
So, guess what happens when you wear a beautiful new electric blue silk top to a 100-degree wedding day? turns a darker blue, friends. Oh the joy. But, I promise that little mishap didn't deter me from enjoying every second of this weekend - especially getting to attend one of the most beautiful weddings ever. It was a joy to be out at Oak Ridge again and see another couple making special memories in those most perfect surroundings. Before Saturday though came Friday and Cute Husband and I tried out a new spot to eat, Mono Loco. Loved the chips and salsa - I picked through the chips to find those fluffy crispy delicious ones...know what I'm talking about, C'ville friends?? So good. Saturday brought us a hang out at the house, get to the gym, drink some iced coffee, and take a little couch nap before heading out to the evening wedding kind of day. Those kinds are always welcome in my book. Oh, speaking of book and in honor of full weekend disclosure, I read that The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Twilight novella book thing...I think I finished it while on the elliptical machine on Saturday. No Twilight, friends, but it was fine. An easy way to pass time at the gym. Sunday brought us church and more naps and more soccer and a small get-together with friends where we made some pizza, drank some champagne (because, you know, the two things go together so flawlessly) and watched a Demetri Martin dvd. Hi-larious, friends. Hilarious. I'm sure I'm leaving out all of the special bits and pieces that make a weekend the very best, but it's time to get this Monday show on the road and get to work. Lots of orders going out this week due to my rockin' sales rep team.


  1. oh the tales of a silk anything...I wore a silk dress to a rehearsal dinner and it rained! Fun, fun!

  2. I'm so glad you can relate! Ah. Did NOT predict that, but it's something I'll never forget to consider in the future. That's for sure!