Thursday, October 28, 2010

studio tour no. 102810

Holy week of Illustrator and Photoshop and getting print quotes and Pantone books and wow, wow, wow. Seems all I've been thinking of and doing this week is graphic design stuff, friends. Trying to get the new catalog done that will go out as a marketing tool to all of the stores I would like Laurel Denise to be sold in and to all of my fabulous sales reps to have them do an even better job than they are already doing. Thank goodness for my gal Rachel who has been keeping things going on the production tables. Also thank goodness for my gal Marcy who has provided me with photographs that make creating a catalog so much easier. And because looking at shining screens filled with layouts probably isn't the best blog feature ever, I will leave you with a few of the round two shots that the wonderful Marcy took this week.

Also? Those pictures above? Those feature some of my newest collection. Happy!

stores shipped this week...
Silver Clay: Cambridge, MA
Surprises in Store: Denville, NJ
Sophie's: Chattanooga, TN
Jitkanda: New York, NY
Mary Anne's: Bronx, NY
Chrison & Bellina: Oyster Bay, NY
Acacia: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Joshua's Corner: Essex, MA
A Green Horizon: Welmette, IL

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  1. LOVING the new collection! Maybe I should show my hubby! ;)