Friday, October 8, 2010

what to wear no. 100810

Friends! This weekend I go to my first two-day weekend outdoor craft show since last December when I sat shivering in the winter cold (and blizzard) with Carrie as we sold our jewelry to the fine people of Washington, DC. This time it's in Waynesboro, Va and it's called the Fall Foliage (a word I still can't manage to say correctly) festival. No snow. No freezing temps. Count me in! Here's a link to some information about the show. I'm in a booth across from the Waynesboro City Hall and the "event headquarters". I hear it's a really great show and I'm really excited to go selling with my cute momma by my side! If you're at the show, there will be a special raffle in my booth just for the fine folks who stop by. Because, you know, I heart ya and all.

jeans | shirt | shoes | laurel denise shine necklace

ps: I really, really, really want those shoes. Like, really really.

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