Friday, November 26, 2010

2011 laurel denise calendar is happening!

calendar_zoom copy
Well, friends, the announcement is here. I've finally - after months and months of pricing and back and forth and back again and getting more pricing and calling and talking to about a million printers - found a way to produce the 2011 Laurel Denise Calendar (click here to purchase) Yes, really. I'm thrilled and also a little terrified (called the binding company just yesterday and the binding machine - because, yes, I will be binding these myself on our dining room table with wonderful sweet friends who have offered to help me - that's a shout out for you, amanda), but this is exciting news. I'm just sorry it had to happen so last minute! These will be delivered in time for Christmas (a Christmas miracle anyone?) and there will be a few changes, such as:

1. The cover will be a kraft color (no more baby blue even though I loved that color, too) and the cover will be a little thinner and without pockets on the insides. I loved those pockets, too, friends, but getting something like that produced in the U.S. and still selling it at an affordable rate is, well, impossible. (EDITED 1/3/11: the pockets remain. Tweaked, but there.)

2. It will be a bit smaller! That was the number one comment with the 2010 Laurel Denise calendar (yup, I read all of those comments), so I've designed it a tad smaller this year than last. It will be 7-inches high by 8.5-inches wide (last year's version was 8.5-inches high by 11-inches wide).

3. No more brown and blue text inside. We're going with pretty grays this time around (because, well, it's more affordable and also we all know how I feel about the color gray mixed with creams and whites).

All of the good stuff - the tabs and the monthly and weekly at-a-glance to-do lists and calendars will all still be there in the same view-at-the-same-time format.

Please feel free to pass the word along to pretty much every single person you can think of and feel free to enjoy free shipping until Monday, November 29th with code "heartcalendar".


ps - Photo credits to Nole at Oh So Beautiful Paper. Thank you again and again, Nole.

And, in other laurel denise news:

stores shipped this week...
Sticks & Steel: Sioux Falls, SD
Trend: Verona, NJ
Trump Spa: Chicago, IL
Remixx: Roswell, GA
Dearborn Market: Holmdel, NJ
The Gypsy Wagon: Dallas, TX


  1. YAY! I absolutely can't wait!! I have the 2010 Laurel Denise planner and I LOVE it -- so many compliments on it! :)


  2. Oh dear! How do I get one in the wilds of central Washington state? I am so glad I can get one--don't even remember where I found the 2010 calendar--is there a way to order online?

  3. hi mary,
    you sure can! just click on the link in the blog post and it will take you directly to the calendar on the laurel denise website!
    thanks! laurel

  4. You know how much I heart this. Really and honestly. Merry Christmas to me. :-)

  5. Will you be creating a 2012 version? If so, when do you expect it to be available. I'm charmed by what I see online.