Wednesday, January 5, 2011

an idea is brewing

masking tape
I woke up with some new ideas floating around in my brain this morning. And this, right before I head into trade show wholesale selling season, is quite dangerous. What this means is that when I'm in Atlanta at my first wholesale show of the season, I'm going to really develop these random ideas floating around in my head so that when I get back, I will be in an absolute mad dash to get these ideas out and in design-form and ready for the NY Gift Show. Which means production madness, insert for the catalog-making, and general creative idea energy obsession. This, I guess, is how my inspiration works - in a frantic sort of way. Anyone else here like that? It's painful sometimes, right? But always worth's these ideas I have, right before I'm about to have to sell them, that usually work the best and seem to get the nicest response from buyers. So, here goes nothing. And, oh yeah, it involves masking tape. Or tape. Or something like that. Who knows, it's still floating around...

Above tape from here and from here and here and here and here, too


  1. love it! can't wait to hear more about it :)

  2. Frantic creativity is sometimes my favorite. It's like the idea is beyond you, pushing through you and your human-ness is trying to keep up! Keep it up, you got it!

  3. Totally, Grace! That's exactly what it feels like! Almost like you have no choice but to just go with you!

    @Marcy - I'll tell you all about it on Monday. Goes along with something we've been talking about for a few weeks!

  4. @Grace
    *Err, go with "it" I meant... Not "go with you" :)

  5. Your creative ideas are always great.. Look at how awesome they have been so far. You can trust that they will be just perfect

    I'm excited to see what you have come up with.

  6. Please, please, please let this one involve duct tape.

  7. well what sweet comments i'm getting today! thanks, everyone :) xoxo

    and, no, cute duct tape in this particular collection. ha!