Friday, February 11, 2011

what to wear no. 021111

This is my very first weekend at home in blissful old C'ville and I intend to absolutely dwell in the comfort of home-ness. Cute Husband and I have a full list of "housekeeping" tasks for Saturday...taxes and light bulbs and coffee and vacuums and oh the joys of adulthood. But tonight? Tonight, my friends, I will enjoy a few delicious treats (yay Tuna Tostado amazing-ness!) from none other than the Divide. Sunday am has another bring-it-home sermon from Chris Atwell at Portico in store, I'm sure, and an evening of uplifting chatter and dinner with a few friends! A wonderful and perfect weekend at home, don't you agree? Even the taxes part because at least I get to be doing them with Cute Husband which means I basically smile and nod and he takes care of the rest (love! him!). If I could just wear something as comfortable as this little get up, I would be a perfectly happy gal.

ps: A big thank you to Marcy for turning me onto the delights of lulu lemon.

comfy jacket | yoga pants | tank | shoes | laurel denise breathe tag necklace


  1. you need these shoes. or i do. one or both of us.

  2. you should be the one with these. they are in the pink color that you look awesome in, after all!

  3. oh how i love pre-tax compliments. those are deductible, right?