Thursday, March 3, 2011

studio tour no. 030311

It's been a tad cray-cray-crazy town over here, friends. Will the fine list of new and old stores that have been shipped the past two weeks featured at the end of this post work as an excuse for my absence? Maybe? We've been busy sanding and shipping and chain-making and plating and organizing and labeling and invoicing and just about every single other thing that goes along with owning a small jewelry company-ing for the past two weeks (or six months or something, but who's counting?). See those little "mommy" necklaces up there? Those are a super cute custom necklace for a super fun catalog that will go out in the middle of the month (more on that when they ship). Alright, back to labeling and production I go! Happy Thursday, friends.

stores shipped this week(ish):

Traditions of Loveville: Loveville, MD
Paul Michael Creative Designs: Randolf, NJ
Et Cetera: Hudson, WI
Divine Redeemer: Hartland, WI
Citywoods: Highland Park, IL
Ecru: Portland, OR
The Gallery at Liztech: East Stroudsburg, PA
The Puddle Duck: DePere, WI
Extraordinaire: Austin, TX
New Stone Age: Los Angeles, CA
The Feather's Edge Finery: Bend, OR
Embellish: Chicago, IL
Simply Charming Boutique: Winchester, VA
Hedges: Chagrin Falls, OH
The Gypsy Wagon: Dallas, TX
Ferrantes: Spokane, WA
Diva Boutique: Annapolis, MD
Noteworth Designs: New York, NY
Happy Go Lucky: Jenkintown, PA
Artfully Elegant: Bethlehem, PA
Rock Paper Scissors: Charlottesville, VA
Luxe Energy Aesthetics: West Palm Beach, FL
Vintage Charm: LaGrange, IL
Acacia: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Embellish: Chicago, IL
Wishbone: San Francisco, CA
Anthropologie: Philadelphia, PA (just in a few stores, friends, but prayers for even more stores sure are being thrown around!)
New Twist: Portland, OR/Eugene, OR
Sparrow House Pottery: Plymouth, MA

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