Thursday, March 24, 2011

studio tour no. 032411

So, here's what happens when you're a forgetful person and happen to own a business: your domain name expires and, well, you don't know it. Because the email address you have on file with your domain registration people (which, without an awesome web programmer guy person in the back pocket of your yoga pants would still, more than 24 hours after your website went down, remain a mystery because you can't even remember the site you registered your domain name with six years ago) is, oh, a tad old (featuring your maiden name + yahoo with its non-archiving skills). It's so old, in fact, that it's not even accessible. Which means those emails they sent you, letting you know that your website is about to expire and you better update that old credit card on file so that there's no blip in coverage, go unread and unanswered. This all might leave you mildly (yeah, right) panicked and filled with "what am I going to do?" thoughts (slash screams). That's what might happen if you were a forgetful person and happened to also be a business owner. The good news? The good news is that it will be back up by tomorrow, we hope. The good news is that there are fancy internet programming people out there who can google-search like woah to find where on earth you registered your domain name (one more time, six years ago). The good news is that email addresses on file can be switched and folders can be created in gmail that are labeled things like "very important never delete". These folders can contain passwords and companies you happen to work with that you never ever want to sleep on. The good news is that much bigger things are happening in this whole wide world that are oh so much more important than a little website glitch and so perspective is a wonderful thing. The other good news? I guess I've officially owned this business for six years. Six years, my friends! And six happens to be my very favorite number! We will definitely need to celebrate this fine occasion and we will. Just as soon as that website is up and running.

(Since I'm forgetful - umm...see above - I haven't taken any studio shots in, oh, forever. So today I choose this photo above of some of our new necklaces in some of our new sweet packaging. Marcy took this photo - duh - isn't she amazing? Let's all comment here and make her get a website, yes?)

stores shipped this week...
Red Envelope
The Urban Muse: Denville, NJ
Expressions: Carmel, IN
Sip & Ship: Seattle, WA
On Paper: Columbus, OH
On a Whim: Blacksburg, VA


  1. Marcy! I want to see MORE of her photos! She needs a website!

    Also, I am addicted to buying domains. I bought a new one just this week.

  2. Thanks, Maggie!! I agree (clearly), girlfriend needs a website.

    Well, hopefully you keep better track of your passwords and domain-buying-ness than I do! I'll be better from now on...we can all hope :)

  3. Lolly, congratulations on 6 years! I'm so glad you go to the bottom of this debacle; this sounds like EXACTLY the kind of thing I would let happen if I owned a business and a website and had successfully run them for 6 YEARS!

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Glad all's well, Lolly. I hate scares like that. That's why I gave birth to a tech whiz. I just KNEW I'd need him.