Tuesday, June 21, 2011

shanna murray decal happiness

You guys, there are some moments in this whole business-owning-jewelry-making thing that just make me feel like the most special of all specials. Getting a sweet little handwritten thank you note from Shanna Murray upon opening her adorable wall decal and hearing her comment about my office reorganization that I'm guessing she read about on this here bloggy blog left me sort of (slash completely one hundred percent) squealing to Cute Husband "She knows me! She actually knows who I am!" It's the little moments, friends, ain't it? They leave me all kinds of filled up and I'm oh so very thankful for them. I'm also thankful for creative and sweet people who make such wonderful little decals that absolutely light up my office and bring me such happiness. Readers, you sweet things, go buy these decals. They are worth every penny.

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