Friday, June 24, 2011

what to wear no. 062311

Friends. I am pleased to announce a weekend where Cute Husband and I are staying home. In Charlottesville. Sleeping in our bed. Not putting on any sort of high heeled wedding contraption. I love my friends and have loved their beautiful weddings, but I do believe I am hungering for a weekend at home. It's been a bit too long. So we will stay in and delight in a simple weekend. A little fridays after five, a little farmer's market walk around, a little house cleaning (much, much needed), a little afternoon walk with my sister, a little sitting down with Hunger Games book 2 (yup), and a little date afternoon to Gordonsville to check out this little delicious place.

button tee | pants | sparkly top-sider shoes | bag |
laurel denise xoxo ctag necklace

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