Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i love to read: middlesex

So, I read this book and...well, I liked it. But, the thing is, I waited for a long, long, very long time to read this book. It was one I always forgot about for one reason or another and, so, when I finally read it...the build up in my own head sort of ruined it for me. Does this make sense? My own silly forgetfulness over a good book that I wanted to read years and years ago and finally got around to remembering to order and read through made my absolute enjoyment of this really great book (written in a really interesting way, I'd like to add) almost impossible. So, yes, this was a good book. Did it rock my whole planet? Not quite. Did I waste my time reading it? Not even one bit. Did I stay up all hours and ignore things like my Cute Husband and work and dish washing and such for it? Well, no, not really. But it sure did keep me company during my trade show evenings and allowed me to unwind and escape a bit. So that's a win in book reading land.

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