Monday, August 15, 2011

pre-order 2012 laurel denise planner

Hey, so, remember when I used to actually blog? And, like, write stuff on here that wasn't directly related to my business? Yeah, I sorta remember that, too. Sorry that fine time in our relationship has been put on hold for a bit. To make up for it, please enjoy this 2012 planner pre-order announcement! (Hmmm...that was a sneaky little segway into talking about my business again, wasn't it?) Planners are $30.00 until September 1 2011. After that they are $35.00. Please oh please note that your actual calendar will not ship until October 1st though, okay? I heart you, you organized and list-making friends of mine.

Follow this link to the 2012 Planner ordering page!

ps: Pinky swear that I'll write about something other than my business on here eventually. Maybe.

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