Tuesday, September 20, 2011

fall boots year

Things I'm wondering this morning*: When did boots get to be so extraordinarily and definitively and more big words out of my price range? I've been rocking the same boots for four years now and they are just a tad past their prime. Just a tad. It's definitely time for a fresh look, but these prices make me want to attempt wearing slippers everyday this winter instead.**

*Promise I think about deeper things than, oh, shoes and boots and lovely things most mornings when I wake up.

**Oops, I wear slippers throughout most days anyway. Secret is out.

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  1. i've decided number one for me, number three for you. yep.

  2. yeah i like 3 too :) although i would probably get 4. you would look cute with that little slouchy top thing on 3:)

  3. yes, yes, i love number three as well. i think they are my faves. i think cute husband will not be a fan of that price tag! :)

  4. My boots came from Target. They aren't this fabulous, but I think they're pretty darn impressive for Target boots. :) Then again, I think, like your boots, I may be out of my (fashion) prime as well. I'm just hoping I have a second peak in my future beyond toddlers.