Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a popcorn confession

Flipping through my new Food Network magazine last night (the pretty pictures in this magazine do inspire a special trip to the grocery store for more than veggie burgers and apples every once in awhile, I promise) and I found these new treats called Halfpops. Friends, even those of you who know me very well, might not know I have a sort of thing with popcorn. Love it, live for it, can't have enough of it. Discovering kettle corn at the street festivals when we lived in Hoboken, NJ was one of those light shines down from heaven on me in the middle of the street and all activity stops type situation. It was monumental. My sister and I save parts of the popcorn called "softies"...in a mug...while we're eating our bowl of popcorn...and then we sort of "drink" the mug after. (Maybe this is why I keep my obsession with the popcorn under lock and key? I can't eat it like a normal person.) Anyway, in addition to my love of softies, I've recently discovered my love for the half popped pieces at the very bottom of the bowl! The crunch! The extra salt! The absolute deliciousness! So can you imagine my happiness when I opened my magazine last night and saw these treats?? Another monumental popcorn moment. How many does one life deserve, really?

ps: Yes, I do realize this is the most I've written about anything in a long time. The fact that it's a paragraph about popcorn does not escape me.

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