Monday, March 8, 2010

cornered glass

I think I'm going to create something like this in a corner of our place. Maybe the corner by the dining room table. We're in need of some major artwork (no joke), but buying art makes me not be able to breathe (ah the grown-up-ness of such a big and important purchase!), so I'm thinking of creating some installation areas here instead. Ah la Anthropologie-style. I've been wanting to create this little corner since, well, since I saw it in the CB2 catalog, really. See, I'm not really that creative, I just do what I see. Consider yourself in on the secret. Well, except, I did sort of do something like this in one of my trade show booths for a few markets, so I guess I can give myself a small gold star for thinking in through. Maybe? Anyway, I love the idea of mixing and matching some good glass containers and filling them with different things, depending on the occasion. Candles, rocks, flowers, etc. Switching it up as I see fit maybe. Twig & Thistle posted this in December and it's also a beautiful idea along the same lines of this project.

1. CB2 hanging candleholders; 2. Freund glass container; 3. SKS glass bottle; 4. Anthropologie recycled vase
(way too heavy for this project, but I do love the organic shape of these vases)

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