Thursday, March 11, 2010

laurel denise march goodness

I sent out this email yesterday for Laurel Denise and, well, it was bittersweet. Sometimes I just try to get too much done in too little of time. Most of the time, it works out just fine - everything gets done, everything is relatively organized, I'm in one piece and I finish the day with a delicious dinner for Cute Husband and myself. But, for some reason, the past few days have not been organized, have not been complete and, give or take one meal, dinner is more burned than delicious. So it was a sad, sad moment for me to come home from morning yoga class at acac to find that my most favorite marketing email that I've ever sent out had been sent with a huge mistake at the bottom! I accidentally left last month's image in the email, too, right below the new March email. Filled with new products I'm so excited about. So my mailing list got not only this lovely clothespin email (above) with all of the new products, but they also got the image/email I sent out in February...for Valentine's Day. The two were not meant to play in the same sandbox, friends. The entire thing left me feeling a bit overwhelmed, exhausted and disappointed in myself! The bruised ego was only half of it, since I really was so loving the email. I guess I'm only human though and this whole shebang is still only me, juggling it all, so I shouldn't get too down about it. It was a silly mistake and I was disappointed. On another note, this is probably just cause for me to enjoy purely ice cream for each meal today in order to properly heal my wounds. Sound logic if I've ever heard it.

If you're interested, everything on the Laurel Denise website is 15% off until 4.1.10 with the code "march". You have to spend at least $40 and that's the only rule. Unless I'm forgetting something. Which sounds like me.

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