Tuesday, March 30, 2010

paper hoarder

paper hoarder
I did something huge the other day. I cut into the rolls of pretty paper that you see in that photo up there to wrap a present for one of my friends. I've had these rolls since the summer after I graduated from college. That was quite some time ago, friends. As in six years or something. They've moved into one Arlington apartment, three Hoboken, NJ apartments and one Charlottesville, Va apartment with me. Which is insane because I'm truly the definition of a "thrower-outer". If it doesn't have an organized place to go and I can see it during the day, it usually finds itself a nice and cozy bed in the trashcan. It's a sickness. So why oh why on earth would I choose to save these three rolls of paper when there have been some really important things (receipts, bills, etc) that I'm sure have found their doom in a split second once I get my hands on them?? I mean, aside from the fact that these babies are far cuter than any bill I've ever come across, duh. I just don't know. But now that I have used them and now that I know what happiness a nicely wrapped present can bring to the right recipient, I feel like I might become a pretty paper hoarder or something. It was that good. (Which is so not funny because, oh my gosh, have you seen that Hoarders show?! Ah!) Oh how quickly I jump to the other side when I consider something worthy of saving...which really means when I consider something cute and happy.

flora & fauna tiny print paper |2. moss flourish paper | 3. curry dots paper | 4. grey wrapping paper (from angela liguori who stocks some of the most beautiful italian ribbons i've ever seen!) | 5. kraft paper roll (would be fun with some of those angela liguori ribbons)

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