Monday, March 29, 2010

weekend no. 032710

weekend 032710
We finally got some of those little projects that we've had laying around the place done this weekend which I will consider a win without a doubt! I mean, no big time pull out the saw and nails and fancy tools and make large scale changes projects, but happy little house projects nonetheless. Our couple dinner date on Saturday night was a success! No burned edges on the turkey burgers (thank you, Cute Husband) and the sweet potato fries were only a little too salty (because that part was my assignment, of course). We finally watched New Moon (no shame...honestly, this one was so much better than the first movie. I only laughed out loud one time.) and we tried to watch The Blind Side, but decided to head out to fulfill a craving for wings and Arch's frozen yogurt instead (going to try to stop this Arch's thing from becoming a Sunday night tradition...).

ps: Those "wooden" stumps did not come from me - I wish! One of my favorite people ever made them. Her name is Carrie Saxl and she makes the most amazing jewelry and was incredibly generous to give me those beautiful stump creations.


  1. nice! did you make those white pedestals? so pretty!

  2. I wish I made them! My oh so creative and clever friend Carrie did! I'm going to update the entry now with a link to her jewelry. She's one of my very favorite people.