Friday, March 26, 2010

weekend fashion no. 4

It should be noted that I have honestly have none of these things and definitely can't afford most of what I link. This is my blog and I'll dream if I want to, right? My pretty little wish list. Also, making each of these Friday outfits, I have realized that I wear more gray and neutral colors than is probably healthy. You should see the "gray section" of my closet...because, yes, it's organized by color. But I promise I'm not a gray and sad person - as if you needed additional proof other than the number of times I use words like "cute" and "happy" on this blog.

So, okay, weekend! Another weekend at home with Cute Husband which makes me a smiling gal. We might try to check out Continental Divide in Charlottesville (we hear it's amazing and the "get in here" sign without anything else outside kind of makes it the coolest) and probably try to really do those around the house projects we've been meaning to get to (yeah, the same ones I wrote about last week....they remain in the same location they've been in for weeks). On Saturday, we have a dinner date with some new friends at our place. Thinking of making some southwest turkey burgers with sweet potato french fries. Mostly because this is a meal that Cute Husband makes and this leaves me free and clear of burning the food when we have guests, but also because they are kind of the most delicious treats.

gray top | bootcut jeans | shortie cowboy boots | gray tank | laurel denise imagine you bracelet | laurel denise moments bracelet


  1. Hooray for The Divide! One bit of advice: get there by 6 PM (ideally right at 5:30 PM when they open) or you will be waiting in a line. It's that good!

    You know their motto, right? Too crowded, too noisy, too smokey, too bad? They took the smokey part out when we banned smoking in restaurants, but the rest still stands.

    I'm a Tres Generaciones Plata, fancy, no salt girl. The boyfriend is a Herradura Silver, fancy, with salt guy. You'll find your favorite in time. :)

  2. Oh yay I can't wait! We had so many favorite Mexican and margarita places in New York and have come up dry here in Charlottesville so far. But that's because we've never been to Continental Divide, I think. Can't wait to check it out - we'll see if Jedd's work schedule can get us there by 5:30. If not, we don't mind a bit of a wait.