Thursday, March 25, 2010

studio tour 032510

around the studio_031810
Well, let's see. This week in the studio has included quite a bit of production, I'm happy to say. Busy production schedule means busier income schedule in the coming weeks, which makes any small designer and business owner I know happy, including me. Puts the bread in the belly, friends. A new and exciting store order came through from Yankee Candle in their South Deerfield, MA flagship store. Getting that fax definitely made my day. I also finally got in my new leather bracelets - very happy to find those at my doorstep so that I could fill the orders of some very patient store buyers.


  1. So happy for you, darling! Keep on doin' what you do best--which is being awesomely creative and sweet!

  2. aw, thanks, jessica. you're the absolute sweetest and best :) love!