Tuesday, April 27, 2010

fanny pack love. really.

fanny pack
Yeah, so, this is a post about fanny packs. That's right. I feel like SJP might have made them cool again in, like, Season 6 (maybe?), but I'm going to defend myself anyway. When I do retail shows for laurel denise, my cash situation is an absolutely mess. Like, for real. It's an embarrassing jumbled, crumpled, torn edged glob of green paper. Really. Cute Husband's post at these shows is to sort that situation out. It's a job he takes seriously and does well, but I feel like maybe I could throw him a bone and at least remove the crumpled part of the equation? If I got a cute fanny pack like one of these, maybe I could keep the bills straightened and organized? Maybe? I mean, these guys do not yell neon fanny pack from the 80's that I used to rock at King's Dominion as a preteen. With crimped hair.

no. 1: by happy cow
no. 2: by hipshack
no. 3: by rock and salt


  1. I know we're getting old but only no 2 is appropriate for an almost 29 year old!