Monday, April 26, 2010

weekend no. 042410

The writing creative juices aren't quite flowing yet this morning (I blame my mind that was preoccupied all night with hockey dreams...I scored two goals. I was kind of the coolest.), but I can safely say that our Charlottesville weekend was superb. Beginning with a fun, fun, fun night with some gal friends (lots of laughing and food plus a bottle of wine or two for the group), filling in the middle with a walk through the Farmer's Market where I got some fabulous prints from By Cary and saw some friends (heart small towns), an awesome and amazing church service, a walk with Cute Husband in a neighborhood we haven't explored where we dreamed about living in the beautiful homes and wondered what on earth we'd do with those huge gardens (mom?), a run around town (and up some really steep hills...), a nap (oh, a beautiful, wondrous nap!) and finishing with a visit from an old friend for dinner, drinks, and discussion on Sunday night. Not even a quick and intimate introduction between my left pinky finger and a really, really sharp knife in our collection (ouch) could damper the festivities.

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