Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend no. 041010

I always feel like my last weekend just ended when I start to write about the next. Except for the Monday through Friday in between, sometimes. So, let's see...what did we do around this little Charlottesville town I love so much? Friday night dinner was deliciousness from Vita Nova on the mall and, friends, I know I'm going to catch a lot for this, but this pizza beat Christian's by quite a lot. Hub and I still haven't found anything to replace our Hoboken, NJ favorites (not sure we ever will), but this fresh mozz, basil and mushroom baby came close. We checked out the city Farmer's Market for the first time this weekend, too. I wanted to see what I could expect next week and, wow, this town sure does come out to support its local growers and farmers and makers! Praying for good weather next weekend so that I can experience this as well at Laurel Denise's first cville market showing (booth 99...april case you've missed my million FB and twitter posts referring to said event). On Saturday, we went on a long walk downtown and into the corner and beyond and back with a short stop in at 12th Street Tap House where we both got a bit more sun than we'd planned. High low from the weekend? High, eating lunch on the rooftop on Saturday with my Cute Husband...and Arch's on Sunday night (always). Low? If I have to think about it for more than 10 seconds, then there is no low for me this time. That's the rule. Strict policy.

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