Wednesday, May 12, 2010

not so green thumb

Much to my mom's true disappointment (a true gardener), I don't have the greenest of thumbs. Cute Husband seems to love on our plants a bit better than I do - giving them names, following a dedicated watering schedule and attempting a living room "adjustment" so that the dear plants can get the light they need to survive. In January, we lost our one and only plant. His name was Sideshow Bob (just Sideshow for short and, yes, like the Simpsons) and I do believe he met his final fate alone on a moving truck that was parked outside in the middle of winter with Sideshow and the rest of our belongings tucked safely inside. It was a sad day to see those frozen leaves, let me tell you. Since then, we've gotten Two (as in, "Sideshow 2"), Thore, and most recently Elmer. But, seriously, these plants need some prettier dresses before they make themselves at home in my home, is all I'm saying. And, according to this post and my color preference this morning, I guess this dress has to be either yellow or gray. I promise that happened entirely by coincidence until I needed to fill the number 6 spot and started looking for another yellow one, just to keep everything organized. Hilarious. Me = creature of habit.

one | two | three | four | five | six


  1. omg! i can totally see jake doing the same thing!! naming the funny! :0)

  2. i like all of them together like this! but i think i would vote for 4 or 5