Thursday, May 13, 2010

studio tour no. 051310

I can't believe we're here at another studio tour Thursday. The first question I have is how on earth is it already May 13th?? The second question I have is what did I do all week? We all know all I have to do is refer to my color-coded to-do list iCal thingy to answer that second question. I mean, duh. Is it possible that I'm still working on samples for my sales reps? It is. It is possible. I finished up those purity night necklaces and shipped them off yesterday. What a pleasure and an honor to get to be involved in that kind of special event. I hope the girls that receive the beautiful words of their choosing love them as much as I loved working on them. Those cute little ducks you see up there are part of a necklace for my momma on Cute Husband's side. She loves ducks so I made her a necklace with seven little ducks - one for each of her sons, their ladies and the cutey baby in the family. I also made a little sample test of a silhouette necklace for the lovely Le Papier Studio - the store I work with on custom pieces. Not sure if we'll launch these cuffs right away, but I do know that we'll be doing some sort of leather creation and maybe a sterling necklace or two. Just maybe. More news on that in a few months. Also received word that Chasing Fireflies is going to plan on selling my custom leather bracelets (and a few from the general collection) and Wireless Catalog is going to sell a piece from my simply stated glass line this fall. Happy news!

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