Friday, May 14, 2010

what to wear no. 051410

Oh happiness happiness that it's Friday! This was a full and busy and slightly hectic week and I've been longing for the weekend for a few days now. And we have quite a full one planned here - an evening out with the ladies for me tonight (we're going to see Letter's To Juliet...girly movies make me smile) and a night of man friend-ness for Cute Husband, a trip to Richmond, Va tomorrow for an engagement party and a quick dash return home on Sunday morning in time for a special event at Eppie's in Charlottesville followed quickly by some good lovin' at church. Lots of to and fro. Hopefully somewhere in that mix our ceiling will stop the rain from coming inside our house. That would be fantastic. The tap tap tapping is slowing/quickly driving me insane.

Outfit note: This is my attempt to not feature something blue/gray/cream. Hope it's working...although I haven't owned anything red since college, I think.

red dress | skinny jeans | gray shoes | laurel denise miracles happen necklace