Monday, May 24, 2010

weekend no. 052210

Oh happy stay-at-home weekend, I love you so. I mean, any weekend that starts with homemade super duper fresh fish sushi eating gets a gold star in my ledger, you know? A bright, huge, happy gold star. And to say that this sushi eating was following by hours of Gilmore Girls watching and wine drinking is almost too much. Cup is flowing over and it's only Friday night. Saturday morning brought perfect Farmer's Marketing weather and, seriously, I get some of the nicest shoppers in the world coming to my table of goods. Thank you to everyone to stopped by to say hello and have a chat. I had a great time and think I managed to convince my 16-year old niece that getting up at 5am from time-to-time might kind of be okay. The rest of Saturday found me sleeping with some of the coolest dreams ever happening in my head and Cute Husband occupied himself with some man dates (there was talk of brownies the size of my Blackberry. Jealous.) After that we welcomed a new friend to town for the summer with some good old JMU-style Bw3 wing eating. That's right. Sunday was Portico church in the am, then watching my beautiful mom get a standing ovation to accept an award (tears, friends, there were lots of tears), and...and...I can hardly get the words out...a good bye to Lost with our friends Amanda and Brad. What. An. Episode. I still can't quite decide how I feel about it, but it was a beautiful episode of television (or movie) and I'm so happy to know my Oceanic Flight 815 friends are blissful and together and in love. So very in love! Who knew that would be the theme for the end of Lost?! Heart.