Friday, May 21, 2010

what to wear no. 052110

Oh happy, happy Friday, my friends. Let's see, on the books for this lovely Charlottesville weekend Cute Husband and I have a date night with one of our favorite couple friends, Brett and Nathaniel, tonight. Saturday morning starts bright an early for us with another city market showing on Saturday morning (please do come by and say hello - I'll be there with my adorable 16-year-old niece in booth 99 again), followed quickly by an afternoon nap I'm sure. Sunday we have church and I have a coffee date with one of my friends from college in town for the weekend and then we are hosting a very small "lost: the super bowl" gathering with another favorite couple friend, Amanda and Brad. Those Lost writer "friends" of ours have a lot to cover on Sunday night, but I'm thinking that they should be able to do that in, oh, the four hours that have been blocked off for coverage.

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